Our Services

In today’s interconnected world, philanthropy is truly global.

Our team has experience working across four continents, including with organizations headquartered in the United States, Europe and Africa. Moving fluidly across borders means that we can help you translate philanthropy know-how in creating culturally-contextualized fundraising practices for any market.

With five departments covering integrated marketing, design, print/production, data science and global philanthropy, we create tailored solutions specific to your needs. Building from decades of experience in charitable giving, we ensure that our nonprofit partners have the strong foundation, communications and back-end support that are essential to truly successful fundraising.

Our goal is to create effective, lasting fundraising solutions through the following services:

Strategy Development

We can help you identify your strongest assets in a complex market and lay the foundation for your fundraising campaigns.

A successful strategy to bolster your visibility and grow your resources has to be built on a strong knowledge of the national and global philanthropic landscape. We have proven expertise working with national and international organizations to examine the landscape and introduce them to the broader philanthropic market.

We can help you develop a strategy to differentiate your organization in a crowded market.

Communication and Branding

We can build a strong communications strategy to highlight your strongest assets.

When deciding where to invest, major donors and foundations want to know what differentiates your organizations from others. We can help you develop the strongest possible positioning by creating a unique message to distinguish your organization from the competition, taking into account donor preferences and behavior. Building from the positioning and case for support, we can also assist with broader work on visual identity.

Using the established strategy and branding, we can then support your team in developing a range of communications collateral including websites, institutional brochures and campaign booklets.

Cultivation, Solicitation and Stewardship

We can help you turn prospects into supporters.

Our team will train and support your team as you cultivate, steward, and solicit major donor prospects. Whether you need one-on-one meetings with major donors or foundations, small VIP dinners, roundtable discussions or larger events, our team can facilitate and support each stage of the process.

Board creation, cultivation and training

We can bring together and activate new ambassadors for your organization.

We can assist you in strengthening the capabilities of your Board of Directors to more actively serve your organization through Board trainings and other tools. We can also assist you in identifying new board members or creating a non-governing Advisory Board with unique skills to serve your organization’s needs and contribute to a well-rounded, functional, and successful fundraising operation.

Network building

We can connect you with major donor and institutional giving prospects.

Our team is positioned to help you maximize your potential and diversify your funding base with support from major donors, foundations and corporations. We can help you identify prospects for major giving within your existing base of donors through network mapping, and introduce new prospects whose values align with your organization.

We can act as an extension of your own office, offering support for meetings, coaching on presentations or written content, and editing proposals ahead of submission.

Special events

We can organize events that will galvanize your supporters in the U.S., Europe, Africa and around the world.

We are highly skilled at strategizing a variety of events, including intimate dinners that give you the opportunity to speak with high-value prospects that require special attention; mid-sized publicity events geared at visibility, including press conferences, exhibitions or roundtable discussions; and large-scale fundraising events such as galas. We can identify and organize the most suitable event to meet your organization’s goals.

In addition to strategizing and planning for events, our team can also create event collateral including invitations, event microsites, and day-of materials.

Digital Services

We specialize in creating sites for large-scale campaigns, special events, and international organizations.

Your website is the first impression for prospects when researching your organization. We can help you portray the right message and experience. Our digital strategists and designers work together to integrate fundraising best practices into your existing website, or create unique, easy to use event microsites branded for your organization.

We pride ourselves on giving our partners flexibility through multiple packages, including ongoing monthly retainers for continuing collaborations and à la carte, project-based offerings priced out depending upon the scope, timing and services needed.

Whether you’re a one-person team or have offices around the world, we have the resources to help expand your fundraising. Submit a request for proposal now.

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